our Process

Your brand and your company are unique. Your message and the way your video production is delivered should be too. We work hard for our local Fargo-Moorhead video marketing clients through creative marketing, video production, post-production and advertising services. We have the experience and equipment necessary to bring your vision to life and have it stand out from the crowd. One thing that sets us apart from other studios in the area is our gear. We have a large assortment of state-of-the-art equipment to meet the needs of any production.

Over the course of the pre-production stage, communication is vital. We need to make sure we understand you brand and industry before we can make an effective advertising campaign. Get started with a free consultation by contacting us!


1. Questionnaire

We want to learn as much as we can about your brand and goals, so we can create a plan that’s right for you!

2. Research

We study marketing trends within your industry so we can produce a modern/innovative video.

3. Video Concept

Grind the beans and brew the coffee, because we need to get into full creativity mode!

4. Select Music

Emotion of a video is dictated by the music. Together we will pick a song with the right tone for your brand and obtain the licensing.

5. Scripting

Together, we will find the right message for your brand.

6. Location Scouting

We find the right setting for every scene.

7. Storyboarding

We will create the visual script for your video based on the final script.


8. Interviews

We capture the message of the video.

9. Capture B Roll

We capture the footage that lays over the interviews.


10. Editing

This is the most time consuming part of the process where we put all the footage together, implement color correction and polish it up.

11. Motion Graphics

Some videos may require animations over the top of the video or logo animation endings.

12. Rough Cut

Almost like a first draft to see if were on the right track before we go into the small details with editing.

13. Final Version

All polished up and ready to be delivered.