our Process

Over the course of the pre-production stage, communication is vital. We need to make sure we understand you brand and industry before we can make an effective advertising campaign. Get started with a free consultation by contacting us!


  • 1. Questionnaire

We want to learn as much as we can about your brand and goals.

  • 2. Research

We will study marketing content in your industry.

  • 3. Video Concept

Together we establish the type and style of video.

  • 4. Scripting

You will write a script based on the video concept, then we will edit your script if needed to create a final script.

  • 5. Location Scouting

We find the right setting for every scene.

  • 6. Storyboarding

We will create the visual script for your video based on the final script.


  • 7. Interviews

We capture the message of the video

  • 8. B Roll

We capture the footage that lays over the interviews.


  • 9. Editing

This is the most time consuming part of the process where we put all the footage together, implement color correction and polish it up.

  • 10. Motion Graphics

Some videos may require animations over the top of the video or logo animation endings.

  • 11. Rough Cut

Almost like a first draft to see if were on the right track before we go into the small details with editing.

  • 12. Final Version

All polished up and ready to be delivered.