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About US

In 2017, Advertise Edge LLC began in the dorm rooms of Minnesota State University-Moorhead. At first, it was to gain a type of career experience that internships could not match. Now, we’re out of college and it turns out we’re pretty good at video advertising and our clients agree!

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Our Process

The process of creativity can take a little time but produces the best results.

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Our Culture

Building a creative culture is a continuous task that is in a constant evolution.

Community Program

Impactful community organizations need powerful and emotional video marketing content to build a following, have consistent volunteers and create a positive impact on our community.

Build your brand with video content.

It’s 2019, and no one has the time or willingness to read your businesses content. Tell your story in a meaningful way using video marketing to create a following. It’s our job to bring the story to life to keep your audience engaged. Let us help you connect with your customers with video campaigns. 

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